November 2022

Creative Holiday Crafts For Families

Spend quality time creating crafts and memories with your loved ones this holiday season.

In a rush towards the holidays, we often forget that the reason for the season is to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Below, we have shared a few holiday craft ideas to help get your family into the holiday spirit while slowing down and spending time together. Even better, all the activities are friendly for all ages and skill levels, allowing you to make memories with the people you love most.

Birdseed Pinecones

This craft is a classic you may remember from childhood, and the fauna outside your home will enjoy it too! Simply gather pinecones, attach a string, and coat the pinecone in peanut butter or nut butter of your choosing. Next, pour birdseed into a container, and once the pinecones are coated in peanut butter, roll them in the birdseed until completely coated. Once the pine cones are covered, they can be hung on outdoor trees or shrubs for winter songbirds to enjoy.

DIY Wrapping Paper

All you need for this activity is a roll of kraft paper and coloring utensils! The goal is to use your imagination to decorate the paper, so encourage your craft participants to get creative! You can keep it simple with just crayons or markers, or you can add stamps and stickers depending on what you have on hand and the skill levels of those participating. To take this activity to the next level, create potato stamps to dip in paint and apply to the paper. A responsible adult can cut the potatoes or, once halved; little ones can shape them using metal cookie cutters. Allow the finished product to dry thoroughly before using it to wrap gifts. The homemade paper will add a personalized touch to your decorations and bring a smile as you see it adorning the gifts you selected for loved ones.

Yarn Trees

Styrofoam cones, glue, and yarn are the basis for this craft which can vary in color, style, and complexity! We recommend using thick craft glue for this project and avoiding hot glue that will melt styrofoam and burn fingers. Younger participants may need help with the glue application but can wrap the yarn and decorate the tree themselves. Grouping the finished trees with various sizes, colors, and designs will add a charming touch to your holiday decorations.

Decorate Cookies

The secret for this activity is you don’t even have to bake the cookies yourself; everything can be store-bought! Purchase plain sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles, and set up an area at home where you can make a mess. Set up the frosting in piping bags or bowls, and let your creativity run wild! If you enjoy baking and want to create holiday-themed shapes with cookie cutters, ensure the cookies have fully cooled before applying the icing. The best part of this activity is you can enjoy your edible creations well after the project is over!

We hope you are looking forward to spending quality time with your nearest and dearest this holiday season. Adding special homemade touches to your holiday decorations and incorporating these activities into your family traditions will create memories that last a lifetime for everyone involved.