A Week Away Celebrates 200th Respite

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Caleb Walker Memorial Golf Tournament

Thank you! Together, we raised over $140,000!

A speical thanks to all our sponsors, donors, participants, and volunteers, whose generous support helped make the event a tremendous success and a proper tribute to Caleb's vision for the A Week Away Foundation.

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September 2022

How To Support a Child With Cancer

Learn the best ways to provide support, hope, and confidence to a child diagnosed with cancer.

Our Founder

The story behind A Week Away

Caleb Walker

December 8th, 1990 — December 3rd, 2014

A Week Away was an idea that originated from a weekend trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. My best friend and I were gifted this opportunity by someone who felt I could use some time away. It had been almost four years since doctors had diagnosed me with Stage III Anaplastic Ependymoma, a rare and aggressive form of Cancer that attacks the brain and spine.

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