January 2022

Signs Your Sick Loved One Needs A Week Away

Those battling terminal illnesses are highly susceptible to burnout and depression. Here are a few signs your loved one is in need of a Respite.

From countless specialist visits to restricting treatment regimens, those battling terminal illnesses are highly susceptible to burnout and depression if their stress levels are not adequately managed. In addition, without proper stress management, your loved one will have a much harder time focusing on fighting their illness. While de-stressing can look different for everyone, taking time away with your loved one will provide them with time away to rest, relax, and recharge. So how do you know you or your loved one needs a week away? Here are a few signs that your loved one is overdue for relaxation time.

They Don’t Enjoy the Same Things They Used To

If you have noticed your ill loved one becoming less interested in the things they used to enjoy, this is a tell-tale sign of depression. While depression in terminally ill individuals is common, it’s essential to provide your loved one with the necessary space to rekindle their hobbies. Taking a vacation away from home can help break up the monotony, revive old interests, and discover new ones as well!

Their Sleep Habits are Changing Dramatically 

Poor sleep schedules and fatigue are common for those battling terminal illnesses. However, as one of the most critical factors in recovery, getting adequate shut-eye is incredibly important. If you’ve noticed your ill loved experiencing excessive fatigue, a break in routine and a change of scenery can help them unwind, shake off the stress, and catch some zzz’s. 

They Feel Stuck in a Cycle

If routine doctor’s visits and specialty care take up a large portion of your loved one’s routine, chances are, they feel stuck in a mundane cycle. The simple solution is to break the monotony! Something as small as taking a walk in a different park or taking time away from home for a few days will help break the cycle and give them something to look forward to.

They Are Always Feeling Down

For those who care for or are experiencing a terminal illness, you may have become numb to negative news. While feelings of melancholy are expected, excessive irritability can signify that you and your loved one are at the end of your ropes and need time to rest, reset, and relax. It’s not always easy to look on the bright side of life, but with a bit of motivation, a change of scenery, and a lot of sunshine, you and your loved one can break through the dark cloud. 

While your terminally ill loved one may be experiencing some of these symptoms first-hand, as a caregiver, detecting these tell-tale signs of burnout is critical in helping your loved one receive the quality care they need. If you’ve noticed a few signs of burnout already, A Week Away may be just what they need to continue their fight. Applications to receive A Week Away can be found here.