January 2021

A Respite Broken Down: Costs & Needs

Find out how your donations are used as we provide respite weeks to those in need of a moment of rest to hope!

During difficult seasons, a respite week—or a week of rest—can give those in need the opportunity to hope, dream, and re-energize so they can continue their fight. Your donations to our organization allow us to provide rest to individuals and their caregivers as they battle a life threatening illness.

You may be wondering: Where exactly does your money go? We’ve broken down the cost of a respite week below so you can understand just how much each penny truly does count. Read on to find out how your generosity can change a life!

Food and Fuel ($600)

Family taking photo in open trunk of car First and foremost, we must get our recipients to their destination! It typically costs around $100 to provide the fuel their drive to and from their trip. The cars aren’t the only thing that need fuel, though—so do the families! Typically, it costs around $500 to feed a family for a week. This includes daily meals and, of course, some snacks.

Housing ($3,500)

House with beach view It’s our goal to help our respite recipients feel relaxed and comfortable all week. In order to achieve this, cozy accommodations are key! It’s important we find a place that accommodates the whole family, especially space for young children if applicable. To accomplish this, we designate approximately $3,500 toward the rental that the family stays at throughout the week.

Souvenirs and Family Activities ($75+)

AWA family enjoying a respite It’s crucial to us that not only do our respite week recipients find peace and strength on their trip, but that they’re also able to carry this refreshed energy into their day-to-day life. An important piece to this is providing opportunities to create memories and acquire meaningful souvenirs! This costs about $50 per family activity on each trip and could include boardwalk rides, games, mini golfing, and more. To help bring the memories home, we plan for around $25 to purchase souvenirs like postcards, activity photos, and trinkets.

Total ($5000)

Adding any other variables (including extra for food and activities), we come to just about $5,000 per family for a week of respite. These amounts represent the typical cost of a Respite Week, however, costs have increased due to COVID-19. With the help of your kind donations, we can bring strength, hope, and peace to dozens of deserving recipients in our community!

Since 2014, our organization has provided respites for over 160 individuals, families, and caregivers—and the numbers keep growing! If you’d like to become a part of our mission, visit our support page and discover opportunities to donate or volunteer.