Volunteers needed!

A Week Away Foundation is an extremely successful organization that has helped change the lives of many families and care teams, and it would not be possible without our volunteers. In fact, AWA Foundation is operated strictly by volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to better the lives of others. Due to an explosion of growth, and in an effort to further expand our reach, we are in need of more volunteers than ever before.

Volunteering with A Week Away Foundation can come in many shapes and sizes, and requires as much time as you are able to commit. Apart from the obvious benefits of directly and positively impacting the lives of those battling life-threatening illnesses, there are a plethora of other reasons why someone might want to join A Week Away Foundation as a volunteer. Our volunteers have commented about how helping coordinate events with A Week Away Foundation has helped them further their professional careers, while other volunteers remark positively about the bonding experiences and friends made both before, during, and after volunteer events. Almost without exception, AWA Foundation strives to make our events fun experiences both for those we serve as well as our volunteers. Below, we have outlined a few volunteer positions we are actively looking to fill across our different committees.

Events committee

Volunteers interested in helping with the event committee will be asked to attend one monthly meeting and communicate with other committee members via email to ultimately plan and execute the many fundraising events AWA Foundation holds on an annual basis.

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee is, as its name suggests, tasked with raising the funds that directly benefit the families and care teams with whom we work. This can include raising funds for respites themselves, or raising funds in order to help the events committee execute a fundraising event, such as our annual golf outing.


Respite Planning Committee

Respite Coordinator—this position involves planning respites for families as well as being their main contact throughout the duration of the respite.

Inventory Coordinator—this position works directly with the Respite Coordinator to gather all the necessary items a family might need before and during a respite, such as debit cards, shirts, and so on.

Property Coordinator - this position works closely with the Respite Coordinators and is responsible for researching and booking lodging for the approved respites.

Marketing Committee

Social Media - the social media position is tasked with creating the posts that go along with the promotion of AWA Foundation events. This includes posting on Facebook, Instagram, and sending out emails as needed.

Photography/Videography - this position will be tasked with taking still photos at AWA Events as well as creating short videos aimed at promoting events, highlighting respites, and ultimately furthering AWA Foundation’s mission.

Newsletter/Content Writer - this position will utilize marketing and journalistic skills to produce newsletters and other similar content.

Volunteer Committee

Social Media/Newsletter - Similar to the marketing committee positions, the volunteer newsletter and social media position will require attendance at monthly meetings and ultimately be responsible for communicating volunteer needs for upcoming events to our volunteer database. This will be done both through email and social media.

Volunteer Coordinator - Solicit volunteers for events.  This includes emailing the volunteer database with event details, assigning volunteers to event posititions, and provide final follow up instructions to volunteers within a few days of the event.  This person will be our contact with the event committee as well. 

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