A Thank You From Leanne Kober

What a wonderful time we had in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach this summer. It was a much needed time away with my family after each and every one of them supported me in one way or another through my journey with cancer. AWA was so awesome to work with (especially Marie)! Originally our respite was scheduled for July 2015 - 2 days after I finished my last treatment. Unfortunately, the week prior my brother broke his neck diving into a pool. There was no way I could go away and relax not knowing what the future held for my brother and his family. Fortunately, AWA was wonderful about allowing me to cancel and reschedule.

We had perfect weather, warm and sunny all week! We had our own private pool, we could walk to the beach, we rode bikes, went ghost crabbing, went dolphin watching, went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium and the boardwalk. Most nights we cooked dinner but did enjoy a few meals out. It was just a great time to be with family and enjoy life the way you should. No worries about doctor appointments, bloodwork or scans. 

For a year I was traveling back and forth weekly to Philadelphia for treatments and surgeries at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. At the age of 32 (Sept 2015) I was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (a pediatric kidney cancer which is very rare in adults). I was a single mother (my son now 10), working full time and maintaining a house. It was a struggle but with the support of family and friends I made it through. I get scans every 3 months now and so far the cancer is gone. 

I cannot thank AWA enough for everything you have done for me and my family and everything you continue to do day by day for this awesome organization! 

Thank you again for making this trip possible for me and allowing my family, my biggest supporters be a part of it.

Leanne Kober and Family