A Message From the Merchlinsky Family

Hey everyone!  This has been an incredible month so far for us. As many of you know we went on our Medical Respite trip to Ocean City Maryland, thanks to the A Week Away Foundation. We had so much fun! John got to crab, he got to build sand castles and he got to go into the ocean for the first time ever.  He even had some of our 28" Pizza from Pino's Pizza. This is exactly what John has needed for awhile, with his upcoming surgeries. He got to see the wild ponies at Assateauge as well as find shells (of which a horseshoe crab was one). He caught a crab, and he was there when I caught a horseshoe crab in my collapsible crab trap (a live one no less). The thing that I think was the best for us, was the fact that John was able to be himself, and while he did get his infusion while we were there, we really didn't have to worry about doctors for at least that week. But now that we are home, it is back to immunology, ENT, etc.  The people down there were so friendly, so helpful, it was such a great environment.  If I forget anyone I apologize but I want to thank Pino's Pizza (Jim Hofman), Delmarva Shorebirds (players and General Manager Chris Bitters) and A Week Away.  Again, if I forgot someone I apologize, but know that all of you have made John's trip very special.  It may have been a week, but for him, it seemed like forever to our little boy. Thank you everyone for your prayers, good vibes or just thinking of us, it is very much appreciated.  Thank you!