So What's New?

So, what does AWA have going on?

This is a question we are asked quite frequently and the simple answer is, a lot!  Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, we knew 2015 was going to start with transitions, challenges and opportunities.  What we didn’t know was the level of support we would receive from friends, businesses, volunteers, and organizations that truly believe and support our mission.  The amount of fundraisers, donations, and events held not only by AWA but on our behalf has enabled us the financial opportunity to help so many more families than we anticipated for this year.  Our goal was to provide 10 respites for 2015.  To date, we have 10 respites completed/planned and the applications keep coming in!  We are so fortunate to be in a position to give these patients and their caregivers a time of peace and hope during a very stressful time in their lives.

I’ve never fully understood the phrase “it takes a village” until this past year.  AWA is run completely by volunteers and this enables every penny we raise to support our mission.  This is something we are extremely proud to tell our donors.  AWA has a small army of volunteers that help us create and staff events, attend meetings, work with families during respite planning, fundraise, etc.  There are a ton of phone calls, emails and meetings that happen behind the scenes each week that makes us go.  Team AWA is comprised of a varied group of individuals who work together to positively affect those in need.

So, what has AWA been up to this year?  The launch of our new website will hopefully give you a glimpse into our world.  Check out our News and Events section for highlights from our events like our benefit concert at Tellus 360 and Bike Towards the Cure.  Our Upcoming Events section will keep updated on what we have up our sleeves and where you can find us in the community.  Browse the Photo Gallery section to see pictures of our events and the families we serve.  You will see what hard work, dedicated volunteers, and your support can do for people battling life threatening illnesses.  

Thank you for your support and keep checking back to see what we’re up to!

Marie McCune