A Message From Heidi Gifford

Williamsburg is beautiful!  I am so blessed!  These were the first things that went through my mind when we reached our final destination on Sunday, October 18th of this year.  I had been given a gift by A Week Away for a vacation in Williamsburg, VA.  The trip ended on the one year anniversary of my diagnosis of cancer.  Since that time I have had two major surgeries and am still undergoing chemotherapy treatment.  It has been a very unusual year but I am surrounded by love, prayer, family and friends and am making it through.  This past year has been quite the adventure and it was nice to take a week to sit back and regroup.

My friend, Trish has been my best friend since college and has been a big support to me throughout this merry-go ride.  Trish and I vacation together every year but realized in May that getting away might not happen since financially I was in a very different place this year and could I swing it with work, too?  She suggested checking if A Week Away would support me for a getaway.  We were delighted when they accepted me and of course, the first person I thought of to go on vacation with was Trish.  Once AWA accepted me, all the pieces fell so easily into place.

Getting ready for vacation was also part of the fun.  We made lists for: outfits, restaurants, tours, towns to visit, foods to eat, and relaxation time.  There were texts and emails and laughter and excitement.  We met with Marie with AWA and Ruth with Premiere Comm who finalized our plans and raised our excitement even higher. 

We arrived in Williamsburg on Sunday and had a blast sleeping in, waking slowly with a cup of coffee, and being quite lazy.  Each morning may have been my favorite part of the day.  Trish and I explored Williamsburg, the historical sites and the local shops.  We experienced high quality meals in restaurants that were restored from our history.  Each of our suppers were in the dark with just a lantern to light each table.  It was humbling to look back at history and realized how blessed we are now a days but exciting to see where it all started from. 

The week came to an end way too soon.  It was refreshing just being away but even more so to be away with a friend.  Thank you so much AWA for sponsoring me for such a delightful treat.  You refreshed me and set me back on my feet again.