A Week Away is comprised 100% of volunteers which means virtually every penny you donate goes toward supporting the families we serve.


Board of Directors

Joe Fittipaldi, President 

Marie McCune, Vice President

Megan Scheffey, Secretary

Wendy Rowley, Treasurer

Paul Lynch

Josh Walker

Lynn Walker

Mason Weeks


Business Development Committee

Brendan Whalen, Chair



Brendan Whalen

John Kenneff

Tim Rieker


Lexi Hutto, Ph.D., Chair

Rob Kelser

Jonathan Yeager, Creative Director

Brian Weilan

Events Planning:

Lauren Manelius, Chair

Trista Ambs

Cathy Babin

Whitney Babin-Yeo

Anna Justice

Tracy Lintner

Julie Miskelly

Kate Roda

Nicole Vasquez

Madison Wilson

Brendan Yeo


Wendy Rowley

Lynn Walker


Respite Planning Committee

Megan Scheffey, Chair

Alicia Leeking, Respite Coordinator

Jackie Stipe, Respite Coordinator

Mary Beth Graybill, Respite Coordinator

Marie McCune, Property Coordinator

Jessica Fittipaldi, Application Coordinator

Joy Braas, Patient Liaison

Annie Weeks