2019 Gala - Join The Journey
6:30 PM18:30

2019 Gala - Join The Journey

Stamp your passport and climb aboard as we experience the thrill of traveling to far away lands. Immerse yourself in the wonder of visiting new cultures, exotic cuisine, open bar, and live entertainment. Join the Journey and be whisked around the globe with us at The A Week Away Foundation Spring Gala. This is a journey you don’t want to miss, get your tickets here!

Why Take a Journey with The A Week Away Foundation?

An unused, unstamped passport still sits at our founders’ parents’ home. Caleb Walker applied for a passport just a few short months before his passing, in December of 2014. His dream was to visit Italy with a close friend, but that dream never materialized.

Caleb’s journey in this world came to a close, but the journey of The A Week Away Foundation continues to live on and thrive in his memory. Together, with the support of our donors & volunteers, we are able to provide hope and healing to the families we serve, through the gift of respite trips.

We invite you to accompany us as we continue the journey that Caleb began. He left us the map, and now we must go...

What to Expect?

International Cuisine
Open Bar
Live Music
Immersive Live Entertainment
Black Tie Optional

Get Your Tickets Here: https://717events.ticketspice.com/awagala

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